A Trustee’s Duties of Care Under the UPIA or… How to Avoid Being a Knucklehead

A prudent trustee will develop a series of policies, procedures and practices that demonstrate they have fulfilled each of their duties of care. If followed, this governance process will increase the likelihood of a good outcome for both the trustee and the beneficiaries they serve. CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE PRESENTATION.

Josh YagerPresenter: Josh Yager

Josh Yager is a recognized expert on the management and oversight of trust assets. He lectures and writes extensively on the policies, procedures and practices for the prudent administration of trusts. He has been invited to speak to various Bar associations, CPA chapters, estate planning councils, Professional Fiduciary Association forums and AICPA national events. Josh has testified on the subject of prudent trustee governance practices before the Texas Pension Review Board, the Alaska Retirement Management Board and has provided expert testimony within the California courts. Josh has led governance consulting engagements for the boards of public pension funds responsible for assets in excess of $30b, foundation and endowment boards with assets in excess of $250m and for individual trustees with modestly funded trusts.