Accurate Appraisal + Appropriate Accounting = Court Approval + Client Appreciation

JOAN WIEDERHOLT, California Probate Referee
STEVE WITTER, Fiduciary Accountant

With Sportly Commentary by Attorneys Christopher A. Bury & Carol A. Peters

Everyone attending will receive a hard copy of the new $10 Probate Referee Guide (2014) courtesy of PR Joan Wiederholt for your personal use in Trusts, Probate, Conservatorships & Guardianships, Small Estates and Non-Probate Matters (such as JT disputes, partition actions, etc.)

Joan will explain the appraisal process: What information does the Referee need? Why? How can you submit the material they need so that they can do their job and you can get the completed I&A?

Steve will explain how to avoid surprises when it is time to prepare the Court Accounting by being ready from the outset: How can you set up the Fiduciary books and records easily and completely? what does the third party need to prepare the Account and Report?