Beyond Haggling: How To Negotiate With Difficult People & Complex Circumstances

June 14, 2017

Presented by: Derrick Chevalier, Executive Vice President, Harrison-Chevalier

Derrick ChevalierAbout Derrick Chevalier

Derrick Chevalier is Executive Vice President of Harrison-Chevalier, Inc. a dynamic negotiation consulting & training firm headquartered in Los Angeles.

Derrick’s career in business includes more than 20 years as a negotiation consultant and facilitator for a broad spectrum of individuals, governments, small, medium and large corporations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

A Phi Beta Kappa, Derrick holds two BA Degrees, a Master’s Degree and is a DRE licensed Real Estate Broker.

Derrick is the author of numerous articles on negotiation and related topics as well the author of four books including; Beyond Negotiating: From Fear to Fearless, Influence – Rapport – Results, ROADMAP to Success, with Dr. Steven Covey & Dr. Ken Blanchard, and most recently EVOLVE Or Be Slaughtered: Negotiation For The 21st Century, published in 2015/2016.