Business Plans into Succession Plans into Inheritance Plans

September 14, 2016

Presented by Cameron McConnell, Tracy Gay and Bill Ukropina

This discussion will revolve around expert tips and strategies that can be implemented by individuals who own businesses or rental real properties in order to:
1) Ensure their businesses thrive into future generations without going bust beyond the life of the business owner who started the business
2) Avoid disputes and liquidation of a business which can arise when there is a potential for quarreling among the beneficiaries of that business.

About the speakers:
FRT_CMcConnell_090116Cameron McConnell – Business Transformer
Cam Collaborates with other Professionals to create Succession Plans with Business Owners and their families. Succession Plans are founded upon a Vision with supporting Activation Plans. For over 30 years, Cam’s Business, Build to Prosper, has worked with other Professionals to build Succession Plans for business owners, their families and estates. The specialty of Build to Prosper is the creation of Inheritance Plans for future Generations.

Increased market value of a business is accomplished by creating new life cycles for products and services. Market values have been created by the collaborative teams that Cam has worked with exceeding Billions of Dollars.

Before Cam created Build to Prosper, he was a trusted executive participating in the leadership of a Fortune 500 Business. He was a CPA with KPMG, specializing in International Banking before being asked to join a New York Stock Exchange Member as a Senior Executive.

FRT_TracyGay_090116Tracy Gay – Business Transformer
Tracy Collaborates with other professionals on a team to create Succession Plans with Business Owners, their families and trusts. Her specialty on this team is to apply strategic innovation to increase market value of these businesses by creating products and services with new life cycles.

As the President of Strategic Mark Consulting, Tracy has particular expertise in building and sustaining businesses. Over the past 25 years, she has worked with some notable companies including one of the top 5 Global Design Firms and has given market vision to their “Think Tanks” to transforms businesses by creating new products and services to meet future demographic market demands. As a strategic thinker, Tracy identifies the Treasures that exist in businesses to leverage them to create future Inheritance for the business, the family and the estate.

FRT_BillUkropina_090116Bill Ukropina – Managing Principal, Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance
Bill Ukropina has 30 years of experience in commercial real estate. He is presently Executive Vice President of Coldwell Banker Commercial North County with offices in Glendale and Pasadena. He manages the entire transaction process of commercial real estate acquisition, disposition and consulting assignments.