Estate Planning 101 Lessons

May 11, 2016Marguerite Lorenz, Trustee/Executor

Persented by Marguerite Lorenz, CLPF

If you are the Trustee/Trustor of your Trust, you will need a Successor Trustee to carry out your wishes when you are no longer able. This is too burdensome a job for a friend or family member.

Marguerite personally invests time and attention to get to know you and your legacy, so she can implement your plan with the professional team you select, to participate in the highest good for all concerned.

We do not sell any financial products. We are not attorneys and do not write/draft your documents. The skills listed refer to the implementation of your estate plan.

Working with your chosen professionals in this way allows for good checks and balances and reduced conflicts of interest. If you want effective advocacy, you must select separate professionals to perform separate tasks, much like having good internal controls in your own business.

We are not a bank or a trust company. We are dedicated, insured professionals in business since 1975. Since we do not have our own investment department, we have no conflict in working with the people you know and trust.

Marguerite is a Licensed Professional Trustee/Executor with resources in all aspects of Quality of Life; care management, accounting, asset management. Marguerite has direct experience with real estate, legacy consulting and estate settlement.

Marguerite is licensed as a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary #319.