Harriet Taylor Upton: Unsung Heroine of the 20th Century Fight For Women’s Rights

What does a retired Pasadena Probate Judge have in common with a little known suffragette who was instrumental in securing passage of the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote? Born in Warren, Ohio in 1853, but died here in Pasadena in 1945, Harriet Taylor Upton’s life story is an inspiration for everyone who is introduced to her. Learn how Judge House was able to send Harriet home to Warren and how Harriet – to this day – is an icon for a life well-lived.

Mary Thornton House at Fiduciary Round TablePresented by: Hon. Mary Thornton House, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Retired

About Mary Thornton House

Judge House recently retired after 22 years on the Los Angeles Superior Court, where she presided over countless jury and court trials in the Civil and Probate departments. With experience serving as the Supervising Judge of the Northeast and North Central districts, Hub Operations and Assistant Supervising Judge of Civil countywide, Judge House brings a unique and in-depth understanding of all aspects of civil case processing and case values. She is touted for her calm demeanor and unbending graciousness to all that appeared in front of her, as well as her extraordinary and relentless, common-sense approach to settling cases.

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