Reclaim Two Productive Hours Per Day Using Five Simple Strategies

What would it mean to you to reclaim two hours of productivity, per day, without working any faster or more hours than you currently do right now? While that might sound too good to be true, for many, if not most professionals, reclaiming two hours of productivity per day is very much a reality. You might be wondering how is it that you are underutilizing so much time. The answer is that the way we do business today looks so different than what business looked like even as recently as 15 years ago that the old way of approaching doing work is simply not working. Learn five simple strategies designed for the modern workplace that can easily translate into reclaiming hours of productivity each and every day.

Eran Grayson speaking at San Gabriel Valley Fiduciary Round TablePresented by:

Eran Grayson, M.A., Time Management and Productivity Coach

Eran Grayson challenges conventional thinking about how to achieve high levels of productivity through an emphasis on effective time management. It was his lifelong curiosity with engineering successful outcomes into reliable and repeatable processes that ultimately led him down the path to becoming a recognized time management expert and productivity coach.

Having worked with and extensively researched the habits and methods of successful and effective professionals, Eran firmly believes that amazing success is largely a product of what you do and how you think as opposed to who you are or what you know. His outside-the-box thinking provides a unique perspective and solutions to professionals who are overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

Most importantly, Eran is driven by a passion to champion others and inspire change in those who wish to reach their full potential. He is frequently sought by professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners for his vast knowledge and skills in improving time management and productivity as well as his ability to help individuals identify blind spots and break through the obstacles that are getting in the way of their success.