The Estate of Michael Jackson and the Tax Trial of the Century

Nov. 8, 2023

Topic: The Estate of Michael Jackson and the Tax Trial of the Century

A unique and dramatic presentation by a former IRS Estate Tax Attorney whose personal journey included examining Michael Jackson’s Estate Tax return, presenting at IRS Appeals, assisting IRS litigators in the Estate’s historic and epic court battle against the IRS, and even being called up to testify at trial by the Estate against the IRS’ own expert. This “Tax Court Case of the Century” had it all, drama, hype, legal strategy as well as credibility issues, lies, fantasy, and even a 20-year-old heavily used Honda Civic! The presentation also tackles such questions as what was Michael Jackson’s kryptonite and why it is not a good idea to lie under oath on the witness stand!

Speaker: Michael Perlmutter, Valuation and Litigation Group

Michael Perlmutter speaks at Fiduciary Round TableMichael Perlmutter boasts a distinguished career as a seasoned valuation expert, accumulating a substantial 27-year tenure at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Mr. Perlmutter’s professional repertoire encompasses his status as a licensed attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Furthermore, his credibility is underscored by his credentials within the valuation domain, holding designations as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and an Accredited Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) professional. During his IRS career, he gained invaluable insights into intricate valuation intricacies, particularly those pertaining to the appraisal of businesses and intellectual property. His role often entailed the examination of valuation matters for high-net-worth taxpayers, a considerable number of whom were represented by eminent national firms. Mr. Perlmutter has written IRS valuation-related training materials, taught and mentored IRS attorneys, is a frequent presenter at professional national conferences and other professional gatherings, is an instructor at UCLA Extension, and is an exam grader of candidates for the valuation industry NACVA CVA designation.

Michael co-founded Valuation and Litigation Group, a valuation consulting firm, which consists of a team of experienced professionals who specialize in business and intellectual property valuations as well as royalty compliance audits. This seasoned team has valued some of the highest-profile “A” list celebrities as well as some of the most valuable intellectual property-related assets. Many clients of the firms are associated with the entertainment industry, requiring royalty compliance audits, music or film catalog valuations, name and likeness valuations, as well as general business valuations.