Veterans – Aging at Home and the Rising Costs of Home Care

An informal discussion on the obstacles facing our senior Veterans and their families on aging at home with grace. The rising cost of home care and the decline in benefits to pay for them. We look at the complete picture of all the parts that go into helping each and every Veteran live out the rest of their lives with peace and honor.

Presented by:

John Soltys speaking at Fiduciary Round TableJohn Soltys, Regional Manager, Veterans Home Care

John Soltys is the Regional Manager of Southern California for The VetAssist Program. John has helped thousands of senior wartime Veterans get their critical home care paid for. John works closely with Veteran organizations and nonprofits throughout the country.

He has been a business leader for over 20 years. As CEO of Carrera Iron Design, he took a small start-up to the second largest iron company in the U.S. John has been involved in businesses in a diverse cross-section of industries. He has brought the skill, experience, and tenacity to our senior Veterans.