What DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESSES fit your challenges and budget?

March 9, 2016FRT_SteelePalmerHervey

Judging (at Court) will be explained by JUDGE JAMES A. STEELE,
Arbitration (outside of Court) will be explained by JEFFREY PALMER, Esq.
Pre-Filing Mediation (before Court) will be explained by HARCOURT HERVEY, Esq.

Judge James Steele
Hon. James A. Steele brings to ADR over 35 years of legal experience as a civil trial lawyer, in-house counsel for both public and private companies and Superior Court judge. He is available to assist parties in mediation, binding arbitrations, trials and references.

Jeff Palmer Esq.
Hundreds of mediated and arbitrated cases: Employment, closely-held business, partnerships, commercial, construction, professional liability, real estate, personal injury.

Admitted to California Bar in 1973. Litigation practice.
Owner and operator of manufacturing company, 1978-1992.
Captain, U.S. Army 1970-71, Viet Nam veteran.

Harcourt Hervey Esq.
My whole life changed when I discovered the power of the mediation process. Instead of utilizing the rules of our traditional legal system, we can address the heart of the matter, namely the innermost needs and concerns of the parties. Everytime I mediate, I am humbled by the opportunity to connect and empathize with each party.