Who’s in Charge Anyway?

Topic: Who’s in Charge Anyway?

February 9, 2022

This month’s presentation about caregivers is inspired by the Netflix hit movie “I Care A Lot” Starring Rosamund Pike

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• What is Sovereignty? Could the events of the movie really happen? What is Guardianship/Conservatorship?
• What is a Fiduciary? Estate planning basics.
• What is the big picture of licensing/oversight for Professional Guardians? What impact might this film have on the fiduciary/trustee and care management industries?
• What are the key things we can do personally to prevent the need for a guardianship in our own lives/families?
• Elder Abuse is a serious problem, what can we do about it? How can/should care managers advise our clients who are fearful of the guardianship system/process? Where can you go to find out more about your state’s laws?
Followed by a Q&A session.

Marguerite Lorenze presents a Fiduciary Round TablePresented by: Marguerite C. Lorenz, CTFA, CLPF #319

Ms. Lorenz is a Master Trustee and Managing Partner at Lorenz Private Trustees, and has served over 100 families as Trustee and Executor. Her book, “Ethics for Trustees 2.0”, gives further understanding to the work of a Fiduciary and its ethical considerations, for both professional and family member trustees. She is a thought leader and writes articles on the topics of Estate Planning and Aging Well. Ms. Lorenz is President of the Estate Planning Group Network, and serves as Vice-Chair of the Board for the Independent Trustee Alliance.

This presentation is for one hour of Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit for Attorneys and others. If you would like credit, please request the sign-in sheet and evaluation form at the meeting.You must attend during the length of the presentation in order to receive credit.